Urgent Appeal for Court Hearing Fees – 24 Aug 2017

24 August 2017

Dear Friends,

My lawsuit was heard over 6 full days since 1 Aug 2017.

Yesterday, 23 Aug, was the 6th day of hearing. It is now clear that two extra hearing days are needed to complete the cross-examination/re-examination of the remaining 4 NUS witnesses.

The court has made 29 Aug 2017 available for hearing of the 1st of the two extra hearing days. The date of the 8th hearing day has not been fixed yet. I need to pay $6,000 to "set down" the
two extra hearing days.

Separately, I have received the invoice for the first 4 days of transcription of the trial. The cost is $1,742.42. The transcript is a verbatim record of the hearing. I estimate that the remaining 4 days of the transcription will be slightly more because there were two half day hearings which work out to be longer than one full day of hearing.

The transcript of the hearing will be very critical if my lawsuit goes to the Court of Appeal.

I am also asking your help for the shortfall in the previous tranche of court hearing fees (which I still owe someone), as well as other fees.

I am not employed right now because (1) of the demands of litigation (2) I gave up actively looking for a job after luckless attempts and after I found out that potential employers do various kinds of background checks and it is not difficult to find out that I have a lawsuit against NUS. (My contract with my previous employer ended in early 2017.)

The breakdown is here:

Court Hearing Fees
for 2 extra hearing days
Transcription fees for 8 days
Court Hearing Fees
Shortfall amount of previous appeal of $11,000

Filing fees for documents used in court hearing (yet to get the exact tabulation from lawyer)
Several thousands of dollars
(Donations will be appreciated)
Legal fees for the court trial
(Donations will be appreciated)

The urgent appeal amount is $9,700 - please help - will 9,700 people each give $1 and please help to share this meaningful activity with your friends.

Further, your kind support for donations to pay:

  • the outstanding amount for the previous tranche of court hearing fees 
  •  document filing fees for court hearing 
  •  some legal fees to my lawyer whom I have not paid a single cent for the 6 full days of trial. (Those of you who attended my trial would have seen for yourself the amount of preparation that my lawyer would have to undergo before litigating in court.) 

I will be posting my POSB bank and Paypal statements by tomorrow.


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