What The Donation of $5,000 Has Achieved

 22 July 2017

As you have read in Donation Update Five, the total donations by 21 July 2017 is $8,414.74.

I will be taking out $5,000 from the donation fund this weekend to make the most necessary payment.

What have your donations achieved?

YOU have just helped me "set down" or secure the reservation for my trial to be heard on 1, 2, 3, 4, 18, 21 August 2017. My lawsuit is therefore confirmed to go to trial in the High Court and it is open to the public. If I had not suceeded in raising the necessary court hearing fees by the stipulated deadline, my case would have been "struck out" or dismissed and I would still have to pay costs. 

YOU have just empowered someone to seek justice in the Supreme Court of Singapore.

Some public confusion over the deadline to set down my case

To recap a bit, I published my first blog on 18 July (I have deleted this blog already as demanded by NUS on 20 July), to ask for public donation of $5,000 by 19 July. 19 July, 4 pm, was the deadline to pay $5,000 to "set down" my case.

On 19 July, around noon I asked my lawyer to apply to Court for an extension, because I was still raising funds for the "set down" fees. But there was no reply. In a crisis like this, I clutched at the idea that "no news is good news" - my lawyer never say Court say cannot, so must be can.

It was only the next day, on 20 July, that my lawyer told me that they had paid on my behalf by the deadline, because the order to pay by 19 July was an "Unless Order". In order words - Unless I pay the $5,000 by 19 July 2017, 4 pm, my case would be struck out automatically once the deadline is passed.

I am grateful to my lawyer.

But I still need to pay my lawyer because I owe the firm a lot of professional fees and so I need to at least pay for the expenses that they took out of their pocket. And there is a lot of preparation work for trial. Hence, I will be taking out $5,000 from the donation fund this weekend.

Why did I ask for $11,000 on my second blog?

I published my second blog on 19 July (I have deleted it already as demanded by NUS on 20 July), to explain that the total set down fees was actually $11,000. 

Last Friday (14 July), I managed to get an emergency loan and paid $6,000 just before the deadline. If I had had failed to pay, my case would have been struck out automatically by 4pm of 14 July.  (It was an "Unless Order".)

The loan was made to me as an emergency loan for one week. So I was supposed to pay the loan by 21 July. However, my creditor has agreed to wait for some more time, until I raise the funds. 

So how much do I want?

At this juncture, I can say that the crisis is over, and the funding campaign has achieved its goal, which is to prevent my lawsuit from being struck out (so close to the hearing date). So YOU have helped make this trial for justice to be meted out possible. 

Theoretically, it is not just the Plaintiff who benefits from his day in Court, the Defendant also benefits from the opportunity to answer the allegations and thus clear his name and get the justice he deserves.

I will still be accepting your donations because there are many more costs which I have to pay, such as the transcription services during trial. The transcription is vital to my case because it provides an almost word-for-word record of what transpires in Court in the six days of hearing.

But please only donate if you can spare some change. Please don't take out your savings. 

Thank you.

Gratefully yours,

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