2nd Day of Trial

2 August 2017

I start with thanking those of you who came today and the good wishes of those who called or wrote to me.

So today is the 2nd of the 6 days of trial.

As I have explained yesterday, I cannot share with you what was I cross-examined on because I am still in the witness stand and under cross-examination by NUS' lawyer (started yesterday morning and to be continued tomorrow).

It was a full day of cross-examination from 10 am to 5 pm today, with breaks in between of course. It was exhausting. 

Tomorrow will be the 3rd day of my cross-examination, and I don't know if the NUS lawyer would be done with my cross-examination by tomorrow. Then it will be followed by re-examination by my own lawyer. 

Second day, and I am already so sleep-deprived because while getting more and more sleepy towards the end of the day yesterday and today, the mind continues to replay and recall what happened during the day. The mind just won't shut down and go to sleep.

After I am done at the witness stand, it will be the cross-examination and re-examination of the 6 witnesses that NUS will be calling forward. That will be the who's who of the creme de la creme of Singapore's academic professionals. 

Can all these end in 6 days?

I'll just have to take things as they come. 

Today's legal anecdote* for you: Do you know that the whole time when you are on the witness stand (I mean the whole period even if it spans days), you cannot communicate with your own lawyer about the content of the cross-examination/re-examination until it all ends! So, you can say hello and bye to your lawyer but not talk about cross-examination/re-examination content.

*I mean a nugget of information about the law.

 Good night!