3rd Day of Trial

3 August 2017

(Posted on 4 August 2017)

Thank you to M for coming to Court to make sure that I have a companion for lunch today.

Today is the 3rd day of Trial. My cross-examination has finally come to an end. My head is spinning.

Tomorrow, NUS’ 1st of 6 witnesses will be called to the stand. Professor Lily Kong, former NUS Vice-Provost, former NUS Vice-President, former Acting Executive Vice-President of Yale-NUS and now, Provost in another local university, will be called to the stand, after my re-examination by my own lawyer.

I am looking forward to see what she has to say for my twelve years of misery.

I'm still "quarantined" under the rules of the witness stand.

Got home after court and slept. Woke up in the late of night. My body felt limp. I had a terrible headache and body ache. I had no choice but to pop a sleeping pill and I fell asleep later.