7th Day of Trial

23 August 2017
(Posted on 25 August 2017)

Today, (former) University Registrar A/P Ang Siau Gek gave evidence at the witness stand. It is now clear that two extra days of hearing will need to be "set down" for the remaining 4 NUS witnesses to testify. The next hearing date has been fixed on 29 August 2017 at 9.30 am.

I will be making an online appeal for funds to pay the "set down" fees for two extra days of hearing as well as other costs such as the transcription fees and filing fees. 

My funding appeal is in this post: Urgent Appeal

Thank you to those who came for the hearing from 21-23 August 2017. I met Shaun, who had taken leave from work to personally see and hear the merits of my case. 

(Shaun sent me an encouraging email on 24 August, which indicates that the tide is turning. I hope so! During the past 12 years, not many people believed me when I told them what NUS did to me and that I did not fail my MA.)

University Registrar Assoc Prof Ang Siau Gek

(Former) Registrar Ang was involved in the wrongful termination of my MA candidature and wrongful denial of my MA degree. Although she did not participate in some very critical NUS internal emails involving the Registrar's Office, or correspondences sent to me, or correspondences with the MOE (Ministry of Education) regarding my complaint to the MOE in 2011, she has during cross-examination, in effect admitted responsibility as the University Registrar, for all critical decisions made by the Registrar's Office even if the matters were fronted by her subordinate officers on paper or email. This email is an example of her knowledge "behind the curtain" (SG refers to Registrar Ang Siau Gek and LK refers to Vice-Provost Lily Kong - 2nd and 1st NUS witness respectively in this lawsuit):


My efforts to get my MA Degree after September 2006

The following events were brought up during cross-examination of Registrar Ang today. These events will provide an overview of my efforts to get my MA degree from NUS after the wrongful termination of my MA candidature on 4 September 2006.

My appeal to President Shih Choon Fong in December 2006: I wrote to the NUS President, Prof Shih Choon Fong regarding the issue. It was to no avail.

My appeal to President Tan Chorh Chuan in January 2009: When I found out that Prof Tan Chorh Chuan had assumed the Office of the President of NUS, I wrote to him about the issue. It was to no avail.

I did not know at that time that President Tan had actually endorsed the termination of my MA candidature and the denial of my MA degree back in September 2006, when he was the University Provost. It was only through discovery in the present lawsuit that the Defendant (NUS) disclosed an email which is evident of the "endorsement."

My appeal to the MOE (Ministry of Education) in 2011: Through my MP (Member of Parliament) Mr Seah Kian Peng, I made a complaint to MOE regarding NUS' wrongful termination of my MA candidature and wrongful denial of my MA degree. MP Seah sent MOE a letter to conduct a “formal inquiry” into my complaint.*

In the communications with MOE which ensued from the MP's letter, I felt that MOE was partial towards NUS. One aspect of this partiality was that MOE appeared to think that I did not turn in my MA thesis to NUS back in 2006, despite my explanation of the contrary. Overall my complaint was not resolved to my satisfaction.

See the following posts about the fact that NUS had my MA Thesis in its possession all this while since 2006:

*I wish to thank Mr Seah's capable assistant, Mr Philip Tan, for drafting the letter of "formal inquiry" to the MOE. In that brief interaction with him at the "Meet-the-People-Session" in April 2011, Mr Tan had grasped the key issues of my case very quickly. Although Mr Seah refused to show me the letter to the MOE, I was nevertheless rather impressed by how the letter was written when I finally read the letter in discovery in this lawsuit. I also thank Mr Seah for helping me to write another letter to the MOE on my behalf regarding this matter around January 2016.

My lawsuit against NUS in 2012: Having exhausted all possible avenues to get my MA degree, I commenced this lawsuit against NUS.

Thank you for reading this post. Please consider donating $1.00 to help me in my legal battle against NUS.

Happy weekend!


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